War is not a solution- Sushma Swaraj

External affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Thursday – War is not a solution and India would resolve the border standoff with China through dialogue, as the Communist neighbour again asked New Delhi to withdraw troops from Doklam if it wants peace.

It is not possible to resolve every issue through war and solutions can be found through talks.

Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha about the standoff between the border guards of the two countries close to Sikkim in India’s northeast.

“Patience and bhasha saiyam (restraint) are very important to resolve the issue. If there is no restraint, it provokes the other side,” Swaraj said during a four and-a-half-hour discussion on India’s foreign policy and engagement with strategic partners.

“Countries have armies to stay prepared for war. But war is not a solution to anything. Even after war, there has to be a dialogue. So have dialogue without a war,” she said.

Faced with an aggressive Opposition charge led by the Congress, Swaraj hit back at the party over Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with Chinese ambassador Luo Zhaohui in July. Without naming the Congress vice-president, Swaraj said the Opposition leader met the Chinese envoy without seeking information about the standoff from the government.

The Opposition leader should have first understood the government’s viewpoint on and then met the Chinese envoy and conveyed him India’s viewpoint, the minister said.

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Source: paper.hindustantimes.com

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