Two teenage girls found hanging from tree in Noida

Police said a case of murder has been registered against three distant relatives of the girls — aged 18 and 13.

The girls’ immediate family members have blamed a distant relative identified as Ravi, a native of Bulandshahr, for their murder.

“The victim’s family has stated in an application that they suspect the role of a relative in the case. We have dispatched a team to Bulandshahr to track the person. We are probing all angels,” said Love Kumar, senior superintendent of police, Gautam Budh Nagar.

The post-mortem stated the cause of girls’ deaths as asphyxiation due to anti mortem hanging, officials added.

“Ravi, who is related to the victims’ mother, was allegedly involved in a relationship with the elder girl and this caused contention between his family and the victims’ family. Two days prior to the incident, the victims’ parents received a call from

Ravi’s uncle who had threatened them. Ravi’s uncle had said that if they (the girls’ family) don’t kill their daughter, he would,” said Mukesh Valmiki, the victims’ uncle.

An FIR has been lodged against Ravi, his father and uncle under section 302 for the murder of the two girls, police said.

Around 6am on Tuesday, neighbours in Barola village raised alarm after they found the two girls hanging from the tree. Police reached the spot and brought the bodies down.

The elder of the two girls was employed as a full-time cook at a flat in Noida’s Sector 93A, while the younger girl was enrolled in a government school in the village.

The girls’ mother Rajendri Devi said that when she checked at 3am on Tuesday, the two sisters sleeping. “However when I checked again at 4.30am, they weren’t there anymore,” she said. Rajendri added that she assumed the two girls must have gone to attend nature’s call.

But after a while, she alleged that she heard commotion outside. Rajendri said she could hear people saying that her two daughters had been found dead.

Rajendri also claimed that some neighbours allegedly bolted their house from the outside after discovering the bodies. “I could hear people outside shouting: ‘The parents have killed their two daughters and they must not escape’,” said Rajendri.

However, police said the neighbours have denied bolting the house from outside.

After police arrived and the bodies were brought down from the tree, the house was unbolted and girl’s family managed to come out.

“When police reached the spot, they found the house bolted from outside,” said AK Singh, superintendent of police (city).

Police said the victims’ family have submitted an application accusing Ravi of killing their daughters and staging the scene to make it appear as suicide.

The victim’s family also hail from Bulandshahr and they had migrated back to Noida a year ago. They were living in the shanties for the past month-and a-half.

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source: hindustan times

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