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Govt. setting up a web portal to track NRI marriages

NEW DELHI: The ministry for Women and Child Development is setting up a website on which registrars from states across the country will have to upload details related to NRI marriages, in a move aimed at tacking the issue of NRI husbands abandoning or ill-treating their wives, sometimes abandoning them in India soon after marriage.

On 20 December, the ministry also constituted an integrated nodal agency headed by its secretary to address all issues related to NRI marital disputes. The developments follow recommendations made by an Continue reading

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Telangana Govt. giving 3 lakhs to women who marry priests

HYDERABAD: The Telangana govt.  will offer 3 lakh rs.  to women who marry Brahmin bachelors working as temple priests from next month, a senior state official has said.

Arranged marriages for young Brahmin men working as temple priests have become difficult since women and their families choose men with fatter pay cheques, officials said, explaining the reason behind the scheme. Continue reading

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