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UN votes 128­9 to declare US’s Jerusalem move null and void

WASHINGTON: The US faced complete isolation and humiliation in the UN General Assembly on Thursday as the world body took up for voting a draft resolution criticising President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The General Assembly adopted the resolution with 128 countries voting in favour, nine against and 35 abstaining. Those who voted against Trump’s move also disregarded his threat of cutting aid to countries that backed the draft resolution and called out the US president for “bullying”.

Trump’s threat came a day after his Continue reading

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India will not send troops to Afghanistan- Nirmala Sitharaman

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said after a meeting with visiting American counterpart that India will not send troops to Afghanistan, but pledged to help the troubled country build infrastructure and stamp out terrorist safe havens. Continue reading

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China banned North Korea to setup new businesses and expansions

China’s commerce ministry banned North Korean individuals and enterprises from doing new business in China, in line with United Nations Security Council sanctions passed earlier this month. Continue reading

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North Korea tests missiles that can hit US

North Korea used multiple rocket launchers on Saturday to fire three missiles that could strike US bases in South Korea. One of the three missiles blew up, but two others travelled 249 km.

One of the three missiles blew up “almost immediately”, Continue reading

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