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AICTE issues new norms for technical institutions- Must Read

Failing to follow these norms will mean that colleges will have to pay a fine — the amount being twice the total fee collected per student.

Not only this, the AICTE can also suspend approval for NRI and supernumerary seats given to any institution for one academic year.

Also, according to the new rules, no institute will be able to name itself a way that the abbreviated form of the name matches the country’s premier institutes — IIM, IIT, IISc, NIT or government bodies such as AICTE, UGC, MHRD, GoI. Continue reading

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Vocabulary- Alphabet L- Learn with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English

Languor                           Shantipurn                                     quiet/ Peaceful

Lanky                                Lamba- Patla                                Long and thin( not                                                                                                                  attractive)

Latent                                Gupt                                               Dormant

Laud                                  Taarif karna                                   To praise Continue reading

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Vocabulary- Alphabet V- Learn with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English

Vague                              a- spasht                                         Not clearly expressed

Valediction                     Vidai Bhashan                               Speech in which one says                                                                                                      goodbye

Validate                             Pramanit karna                           Confirm/Ratify

Vandalism                 Sampatti nasht karne ki kirya           Crime of damaging                                                                                                                  property Continue reading

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CBSE school Students get more time to rectify errors in marksheet

NEW DELHI:  Students in CBSE schools will now be able to rectify errors in their names, their parent’s names and date of birth on their marksheets within five years of the results, a move which will help over 18,000 students. So far, they had only one year to seek corrections. Continue reading

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Vocabulary- Alphabet B- Learn with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English

Beget                                 Paida Karna                                   To Produce

Benevolence                    Daya                                                 Kindness

Betray                               Dhokha dena                                 To be disloyal/to deceive Continue reading

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Increase your Vocabulary with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English 

Abase                             neecha dikhana                                       Degrade

Abash                               lajjit karna                                            To embarrass

Abattoir                           Buchad khana                                      Place where animals                                                                                                               are killed Continue reading

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Question paper of NEET exam should be common – SC

DELHI: The Supreme Court said on Thursday– There should be a common question paper for all aspirants giving NEET exam — a common window test for private and government medical colleges .

A bench headed by justice Dipak Misra asked CBSE to explain how it proposes to have identical questions as it pulled up the board for setting different papers for students taking NEET in regional languages. Continue reading

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Now Yoga and Sports are mandatory to get a Engineering Degree.

NEWDELHI: All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which governs more than 10,000 institutions having over 18 lakh students, has made yoga and sports mandatory for the Students of engineering colleges and technical institutes of the country. Now students will have to take part in yoga, sports or other socially relevant activities in addition to their regular academics to be awarded a degree. Continue reading

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IIT plans to de-stress its students

NEW DELHI : Every now and then, one of India’s most prestigious engineering colleges cuts off power to its hostels for an hour in the evening.

The practice, at IIT Kharagpur, is not to save electricity or cut costs. It is instead part of efforts to get students to mingle — contact that officials hope will help cut stress after three of its students killed themselves between January and April 2017.

IIT Kharagpur is part of the country’s marquee Indian Institutes of Technology colleges that lakhs vie for each year. Only a few thousands make it, entering a college of intense competition with some of the best minds to grab top jobs at the end of the course.

“Students are meeting increasingly less. This naturally creates a lot of problems as they end up being alone. This step will help them connect when they take a ten minutes coffee or tea break,” said Manish Bhattacharya, dean of students affairs of IIT Kharagpur, while explaining another effort to draw students out by installing vending machines for free tea and coffee. The machines, for which a Japanese company has been roped in, will be in place from the academic year beginning this summer.

Continue reading

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