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U.S. and India partner to build the alternative of china’s one belt, one road initiative.

NEW DELHI: Visiting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday suggested that the US and India partner to build road connectivity in the sub-continent and port connectivity in the Indo Pacific, as a sort of alternative to the Chinese One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative . Continue reading

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War is not a solution- Sushma Swaraj

External affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Thursday – War is not a solution and India would resolve the border standoff with China through dialogue, as the Communist neighbour again asked New Delhi to withdraw troops from Doklam if it wants peace. Continue reading

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Aadhaar not valid for Nepal, Bhutan travel: Home ministry

NEW DELHI: Aadhaar is not a valid identification document for Indians travelling to Nepal and Bhutan, the Union home ministry has said. Indians can travel to Nepal and Bhutan if they possess a valid national passport or election ID card issued by the Election Commission. Moreover, to ease travel, persons over 65 and below 15 years can show documents with photographs, like PAN card and driving licence, to confirm their identity.

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source: Hindustan Times

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Now, Indian visas to cost more across categories

Indian visas have become costly with the government hiking fee up to 50% in a bid to rationalise and modify the levy charged from foreign nationals visiting the country. Visa fees for nationals, including those from the US, UK, Canada, Israel, Iran and UAE, have been increased. The fee for Pakistani nationals has been hiked to ~100 from ~15.

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Source : Hindustan Times

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Will do everything required for safety of Indians in Qatar: Sushma Swaraj

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday said the government would do everything possible for the safety and well-being of Indians in Qatar which has been battling economic sanctions from a number of Arab countries.

“Please do not worry. We will do everything required for the safety and well being of our countrymen. We are in touch with our Ambassador,” Swaraj tweeted. Continue reading

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NEW DELHI: Passports will now go bilingual and be in both Hindi and English, instead of just English, said external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday.

Swaraj said there would be a 10% reduction in passport fee for applicants under eight and over 60 and that ration cards could be submitted while applying for tatkal passports. The second option would greatly help people in rural areas who do not have a PAN card.

Personal details in passports are now printed only in English. “Passports should at least be bilingual. All Arab countries have their passports in Arabic, Germany makes it in German, and Russia makes it in Russian. Why can’t we make it Hindi?” she asked. “Now, we have given an order to Nashik Printing Press that passports should be (printed) in Hindi as well. So you will receive passports in Hindi and English,” Swaraj said at an event to mark 50 years of the Passport Act, 1967.

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