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Drugs usage in India hitting a new high

The popularity of synthetic or party drugs has increased manifold over the past five years in India but the use of conventional substances such as cocaine, heroin, and hashish has remained static or decreased, government data shows.

In terms of volume, marijuana or ganja remains the most common drug seized at more than 2 lakh kg, according to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which collected the data on drugs seized across India in 2016 by various law-enforcement agencies.

The confiscation of party drugs – amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) such as MDMA or Molly — increased from 40 kg in 2012 to 1,687 kg last year.

Drug enforcement agencies believe Molly is brought to the country from illegal labs and factories in Continue reading

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Nigerian arrested with rs. 3.5 cr worth contraband


Ahmedabad: A Nigerian national was arrested on Friday night with contraband worth rs. 3.5 crore at the Vadodara railway police by Narcotics control Bureau Ahmedabad and western railway police. The source of contraband has been traced to Delhi and the NCB has started an investigation. According to an NCB team, they nabbed the peddler, who had arrived in Nizzammudin Goa Express after they received a tip off. Identified as Peter Chinedu, he was allegedly carrying 842 gram amphetamine, 255 gm cocaine and 65 gm exstacy. The substances were concealed in ladies footwear, bags.

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