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SHE WAS INSANE ! – Chapter-2

Love at first sight” , this was what my brain was proclaiming for the next few days or you can rather say for my whole life. While I just thought that she’ll leave me after the exams but to the contrary she stayed with me ,our so called exam friendship continued.

Hanging out with her was a usual thing now ,we bunked lectures , visited places and much more.
“So the blue one or the black one” , Rashi asked while choosing her jump suit.
Choosing between dresses was certainly not my thing,basically I didn’t even knew the dress was called jumpsuit before she mentioned it.On my side, I just choose random dresses, loose or tight, I never cared but she focused all of her understanding skills on that dress which she should’ve rather focused on chemistry. She looked pretty as fuck in both of them tho.

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