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13 Reasons Why to Live

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1. LIFE is an invitation to learn, a school. We can learn something from every moment, good or bad.

2. LIFE is not static, it’s in constant movement, much like the waves of the ocean. Each wave that comes brings with it new experiences, and each one is different. So just like the bad ones can sometimes show no mercy, the good ones also come and refresh us. Nothing last forever.

3. LIFE is a gift; some beings (children) depart too soon and don’t have the fortune to know life. Those who have it should enjoy it.

4. LIFE is not only our own. It also belongs to those who surround us. We should take care of ourselves because we are important to others, even when sometimes we are not aware of that.

5. Each new day is a new experience. If we don’t live it, we don’t know what we’re missing.

6. We are the designers of our LIFE; it is our challenge to Continue reading

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A Female Volunteer complained against assault by AAP MLA’s

New Delhi: Delhi Police lodged a complaint against three  legislators of Aam Aadmi Party for molestation, sexual harassment, physical assault, illegal confinement and outraging a woman’s modesty on the basis of a complaint filed by a female party volunteer late last month.

The 35-year-old party worker from Rajouri Garden said she had gone to witness assembly proceedings at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha on June 28 when AAP MLAs Jarnail Singh, Amanatullah Khan and Somnath Bharti allegedly confined her in a room and assaulted her. Continue reading

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