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Energy drinks are more dangerous for the heart than coffee

Beware! Teenagers and adults who consume energy drinks may suffer from rapid heartbeat, nausea and seizures, warns a recent study.

According to the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, over half of the youth and young adults who consume an energy drink, have reported experiencing an adverse health event, including rapid heartbeat, nausea, and in rare cases, seizures.

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Currently, Canadian legislation is meant to prohibit energy drinks from being marketed to children. Energy drinks are not recommended for use by people participating in Continue reading

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3.3 crore young adults are not registered yet – EC

India has more than 3 crore young adults who are eligible to vote but have not enrolled themselves for voter identity cards, the election commission has said, announcing a new campaign where its officials will go door-to-door to urge people to sign up as electors.

Participation in India’s elections has grown in recent decades but is still far from ideal levels. For the 2014 general elections, 66% of the 83.4 crore registered electorate turned up to vote. And unregistered adults add a new dimension to the problem. Continue reading

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