SHE WAS INSANE ! – Chapter 4 – Its too much Interesting

Soon enough,hanging out with her so called friends was a normal thing now. Getting up with her friends was easy tho apart from the sass they had. While which bonds between me and Rashi grew strong, we started exploring each other, our likes -dislikes were somewhat shared now.There were two boys in her group called Tanmay and Viren from which Tanmay was obsessed with flirting with any random girl he met , Viren was somewhat nerd like me but had the physic which somewhat resembled Captain America, While there was a girl called Ananya , the girl any guy kind of desired , she was like a wild fire for which any guy would melt off but she was kind of mean at the core. I usually stayed away from her and conversed with her only when Rashi was around, she kind of acted weird with me for which I felt insecure ,I don’t know why.
“Want some popcorn eh?”, Tanmay said while offering Ananya a bucket of popcorn.

Tanmay sort of flirted with any girl he came across with , he didn’t even spared Rashi which I kind of hated but then here was Ananya who straight away ignored him but he never lost his spirit because of this tho.
We had came to see avengers ,which I basically had no interest in as I had seen it the day before online.
Ananya sat on my left while Rashi on my right and both of the boys sitting next to Ananya.
Basically Rashi had no interest in sci-fi movies.So we summed our focus on each other.
“So you’ve started liking Ananya eh”, Rashi said in a low tone enough to keep her words away from Ananya while our hands met slight enough to make a quick contact.
I looked fully at Rashi, “No chance”.
Suddenly my hand felt a warm wave by her hand,we held our hands together in where we put up the coke, I don’t know how all this holding thing happened but it felt heavenly,that was the point where I thought our soul combined physically and emotionally.
“Your hand is so cold, what are you, a vampire? “, Rashi said with a utter low laughing tone , giving me this cruel cute smile which I longed for life.
So this was basically the second time where my mind and soul got blank completely, putting my thoughts into words again was difficult this time though.
“Yes, I’m a vampire called edward and you’re my cute bella”, I said with a faking lowlife laugh on my face, this was the first time I made a move for her this close, my soul torned half apart untill she gave reply to this.
She tightened her grip over my hand while I said all this, I got a glimpse of the movie when I thought to check around if Ananya was looking at us or not, she was busy with her phone basically and had no interest in hulk smashing loki.
“Lets check out to eat something”, she said interrupting our just started flirting flow.
This was the first time in my life that I was hating food just because it had stopped our so called conversation.
Rashi wore a black tee with a net like thing till her palms.I was basically bad at figuring out the names of clothes which girls wear. She looked pretty anyway,there was something different today with her, I did noticed it much time later that she had a new tattoo on her which was yet incomplete.
“Do you smoke?”, Rashi asked me while we were heading straight to somewhere of which I had no idea,I just thought that we are going to a food stall.
I just started to hang out with her soo called cool friends and had no friends prior to them so smoking was out of my bounds. Her question puzzled the shit out of my brain to think  a suitable answer.
“Just tried once in high school” ,I said ,faking myself just to act cool in front of her.
We entered the smoking room,there was no one in there,why would anyone smoke here when their family or close friends are inn with them to spend a quality time,didn’t got the theatre’s logic though.
“Smoke with me and I’ll grant you a wish” ,she said while pulling out a cigarette of the packet which said  malborro .
I certainly didn’t knew that she smoked,I thought she just drank sometimes,I did certainly wanted something from her so I didn’t asked much about why she was completing a wish for me.This was so new to me that I felt silent for three seconds straight.
“Yes,just grant me the wish that I want from you “,I said while having no idea what I was talking about.
“Sure”, she said while litting the cigarette up.
She took two puffs and gave it to me,this was the first time in my life I was holding a cigarette,I did wanted to make this moment count.
“So you wanna hear my wish” ,I said while finally smoking the first puff of a cigarette in my life.
“Sure”, Rashi said while leaning against the wall.
She was in a good mood today,a perfect eve to say my feelings off. And I guess she was expecting the same from me.
“Quit smoking”, I said in a slightly deeper voice.
She was certainly not expecting this nor was I,it just came into my thoughts and my brain converted it into words the next moment but this was what I wanted at that moment apart from her soul.
“Are you serious”, she said loudly with a vivid expression on her face.
“Yes”,I said while being sad and happy at the same time.
Untill I could say anything more we kissed ,I don’t know who came close or who started it first ,but it just went on automatically without our concience .
It was just a slight two second kiss but I did knew that I was terrible at it,I don’t know why she had bitten me on neck after this,I felt so awkward that I just pushed her.
We were laughing too hard on it while we were going to the movie which was on its end.
Her laugh certainly made the thoughts of that kiss fade away.
While we both sat, Ananya just had a look on that bite spot on my neck.
She looked curious and mad at same time.I don’t know why,but I smelled jealousy.
“Hey guys I’ve a party in my house today,do come” ,Ananya said while we left her in her home.
I didn’t wanted to go but Rashi insisted,we just had more quality time together after that.
I arrived at her home late at 9 in night though.
She had basically invited half of our college to her home or you can say her mansion.
There were people everywhere ,drinking,gossiping and doing weird stuff.
We were on the second floor,Tanmay was busy flirting with other girls while Rashi had gone somewhere with Viren.
I was just concentrating on free food available there.
People were having beer and biryani etc and I was full with starters alone.
“You can actually host a wedding with that much food “, I said to Ananya as she intervened my food gasping skills.
Ananya wore a black dress,she was something from another world,she was like you can say a beauty with brains,she was almost perfect for any guy in this world,but basically not me.
“Yeah ,for both of us” , she said while being serious and funny at the same time.
I reacted this by just a simple laugh,I wasn’t sure if to go away or stay.
“Lets see the rabbits in my balcony” ,she said while holding my hand and taking me upstairs.
It was kind of weird but I genuinely loved rabbits so didn’t hitched and got along with her.
There were two red eyed cute white rabbits in her balcony.
“I didn’t knew that your balcony is your lawn”, I said sighing the grass on her balcony.
“Yes,its for the bunnies “,she said while handing me one of the rabbits.
She looked even more cute with bunnies and the moon in the sky.
I looked at the sky and just missed Rashi ,for this night would be perfect for me to express my feeling to her,I thought.
“Its Rashi right”, Ananya said while touching the spot where rashi had bitten.
Rashi did noticed everything even if she was pretending not to.
“Yes,we just had a little kiss”,I said,I was nothing but honest under pressure.
I told her about my love towards her,she was quite upset though or jealous maybe,I never got to know.
“What about me?”, she said with a unpleasant tone.
She pointed sideways towards the other bunny and when I started to look towards her ,she kissed and kissed,got hold of me,thoughts came into my mind of dumping the idea of Rashi and getting Ananya instead,but I loved Rashi more than anything,between love and lust I choose love.
Unable to resist I pushed her away slightly.
I felt the presence of Rashi,she was there watching whole of this.
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Written by : Aditya Patil
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