SHE WAS INSANE ! – Chapter 3

The moment I sat beside her, I realised how difficult it was to concentrate when your crush is around. Gathering all my focus which was left in me  we studied for the next straight two hours then.
“Tea break”, she said while curling her hairs with her fingers.
“Sure”, I said being distracted by those mascara filled eyes in which I wanted to drown now.
While going down the stairs, I realised that her parents were not home anymore, but I got more nervous being in her home alone with her , contrary to that I should’ve been more free then .

“Do ask if you want something else “, she said while  giving me the glass of ice tea.
“Surely , I wanted more of your attention”, I said to myself as thoughts about her manipulated in my mind.
“Sure “, I said.
I noticed that she had a tattoo on her wrist which was some sort of inscription.
“What’s the tattoo about?” I asked being unable to hide my curiosity.
She also had those fancy print on her nails which was way beyond my league and I was not lame enough to ask about them too.
“Its about love, life and desires”, Rashi replied while flaunting her tattoo .
My entire life about her was defined in that tattoo, the desire to have her , spend my life with her and my love about her, all these things just whirled in my brain, apart from the desire to have a Lamborghini , creating love in her mind for me  were my only goals at that time.
With the end of my ice tea ,the study session too ended.
“Are you sure ,you wanna leave?”, she asked
“Yes,have to go to pick my friend up from railway station”, I lied.
Just a minute more and I would’ve confessed my love for her. Her mascara filled eyes were deep enough for me to drown in her love.
Earlier I just liked her for her outer appearance but now I loved her for her soul, It wasn’t lust for sure rather I guess it was damn love chemical in my brain. This feeling was heavenly tho.
“Come sure for the next time”,  she said while hugging me a little more tight than  normal.
She was different this time, we hugged frequently tho,but this hug felt close , it felt more like a couple’s hug rather than normal hug which we often did.
“See you later”, she said while giving me a cruel cute smile.
I was dumb enough to get confused about this, I didn’t wanted to loose her so I avoided further thought​s about her but couldn’t after all my feelings were grown enough intense for her to be forgotten .
written by : Aditya Patil
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  1. I think he should express his love to her …..
    But i love this story…. i will wait for next part

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