SHE WAS INSANE ! – Chapter-2

Love at first sight” , this was what my brain was proclaiming for the next few days or you can rather say for my whole life. While I just thought that she’ll leave me after the exams but to the contrary she stayed with me ,our so called exam friendship continued.

Hanging out with her was a usual thing now ,we bunked lectures , visited places and much more.
“So the blue one or the black one” , Rashi asked while choosing her jump suit.
Choosing between dresses was certainly not my thing,basically I didn’t even knew the dress was called jumpsuit before she mentioned it.On my side, I just choose random dresses, loose or tight, I never cared but she focused all of her understanding skills on that dress which she should’ve rather focused on chemistry. She looked pretty as fuck in both of them tho.

“Black one looks good on you”, I said
“But blue one is looking good too” , she argued.
Finally after 10 minutes ,she  took both of them,to which my advice was not considered at all.
We sat in starbucks, hell expensive for me but usual for her. We took a limited edition frapucchino called thing which was good enough to draw a smile on your face but its price will certainly make the smile fade away while paying the bill.
“I’m gonna certainly fail this time”, she said while playing with the straw.
“Why aren’t you studying “, I said, in a mid serious tone.
“I’m trying , ok”, she said while stressing more on the word ok.
“If you wish , I can help with some of the subjects “, I said while trying to be as genuine as possible.
“Thank you so much ayaan!”, she said, with a tone a excitement.
So we decided to study on sunday on her house , which I resisted but she won at last , we ended the starbucks while playing a funny footsie which I loved , while I certainly knew that she can be hell of a good football player according to these kicking skills of her.
          Her house was sort of castle,guard leaved me after seeing his fake guest list but was sort of suspicious on me.  Her parents were quite cool and found me pretty good seeing my grades. So all the namastey’s and introductions got over, Finally I got into her room , a cute king sized bed , paintings on wall and all sort of stuff to make the room attractive. So after a  chitchat we genuinely thought of studying. She wore a loose tee and shorts which still made her pretty enough to audition for victoria’s secret models, her eyes unusually filled with more mascara today, which my thoughts manipulated that she wanna look good in front of me which was completely dumb of me. While scanning at her, I forgot that she was looking at me, a 2 second awkward silence started which she broke with a cute smile.
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