SHE WAS INSANE ! – Chapter 1



She was a complete idiot but an adorable human tho.When I saw her for the first time, it took me soo long to figure out that how can somebody be so wild ,cool and pretty at the same time. I never imagined that I would’ve wasted half of my high school life staring at her and half of the other thinking about her . Comparatively I looked like a nerd but infact I was a nerd without those chunky glasses.
While  our exams were going on, everybody were hell scared to their pants, teachers inspired terror in the minds of students about the exams. Luckily her roll number was next to me.
“Have you studied the whole three chapters” ?, she asked in a low tone.
My heart skipped a beat when she said this, although it was just a small question but she spoke, that was nicest thing that happened to me that day.
“Yes, I just missed the revision”. I was nothing if not honest under pressure.
I knew, this was the chance to talk to her which I can’t miss.
The paper started ,whole room went silent except some people including her. While I was busy writing the paper , she was busy scanning who was sitting idle like her.
“Hey Ayan , will you please help me with the whole paper ?”, she whispered
While I was trying hard to ignore her , so that she could’ve given me more importance while asking me . But unable to resist, I replied her.
“Just give me fifteen minutes”, I said. Sighting the sad expression on her face, I solved all the numericals in the paper and finished my paper in the next twenty minutes.
“Which question”?, I whispered loud to her out of my excitement .
Teacher noticed me , but ignored because of the reputation i had of a bright student.
While I dictated the whole paper to her for the next one hour.
“What are your hobbies?” she asked, this was her first statement which was not related to exam and I was kind of happy for this , Then bell rang and the whole thing got over.  “Will you come out  for food, my treat ?” she asked.
A thousand thoughts whirled in my mind after this moment, calming my mind to think that it was just a friendly gesture by her, I became ready to reply her after taking an awkward pause of 2 seconds.
“Free food is always welcome”, I said .
While I was dancing to the fullest in my mind, we sat in our college canteen, our canteen served things ranging from Italian to Chinese tho the quality was average but the food was edible .
“So I was asking about your hobbies”, she said, breaking the pause.
Some cool things came into my mind, but I was nothing if not honest under pressure.
“I want to be a writer………. “, I thought she would’ve laughed upon me but she listened calmly.
“Why are you in science field then “, her tone started shifting to seriousness .
Being a writer in India is one of the most difficult things, first of all, success is not guaranteed and even if one succeeds, he or she doesn’t gets paid well.
I explained her all types of stuff related to writing in the next one hour and we discussed on some random topics too.
While we ended this meet , I had known well enough that she was not the type of person I imagined, she was a person of pure fun and would knock your ass down if you mess with her.

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Story writer : Aditya Patil

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