PM Modi says- GST will promote a culture of honesty

NEW DELHI: On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his monthly radio address that the Goods and Services Tax is not just a tax reform, it is an economic model that will promote the culture of honesty.

“The GST, which I call the good and simple tax, has shown a positive impact on the economy in a short time,” Modi said in the 34th edition of the Mann Ki Baat as the ‘one-country, one-tax’ regime entered its 30th day.

While he did not mention the protests by traders over the implementation of the new tax set up, Modi said a lot of people called in or wrote to him either praising the GST or seeking clarifications.

Terming the GST as pro-poor and an example of cooperative federalism, he said the government’s effort is to ensure there is no extra burden on the poor. “I feel very happy when a poor person writes to say how prices of various items essential for him have come down because of the GST,” he said.

“The GST in India will become a model for other nations. Educational institutes will use it as a case study.”

The implementation of the single-tax regime in a country of the size of India will inspire research in the world one day, the PM said.

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