Pending allowances of 7th pay commission are approved on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Union cabinet approved the new structure of allowances of central government employees( 34 lakh) and Defense staff( 14 lakh) . With this decision of union cabinet, govt. employees salary is going to get a big impact from the next month. This was the last pending structure of 7th pay commission, which is out now. After the implementation of this decision of union cabinet, govt. employees salary is going to get a high jump because House rent allowances are increasing on an average of 45% in a city like Delhi.

After demonetization, there was a big cash crunch in the market, which leads to disappointment of sellers or shopkeepers. May be after this decision of union cabinet, the demand in the market will increase, and shopkeepers will get some relief and Hopefully it will be a good sign for BJP’s upcoming Gujarat state elections.

Our government employees allowances are based on components of  there job profile. like one is teacher and one is engineer and one is clerk, there components are different. under 7th pay commission, government already  revised there basic pay last year, but not allowances, because allowances were under review that time.

Our Soldiers will get maximum benefit from this decision . They will get almost 100% hike in there current allowances and they deserve that because these are the person, who gives us safety with the duty in the place like Siachen.

With this decision, govt. has taken one more big decision to privatize the National Airline company “Air India”  and its 5 subsidiaries. Finance Minister Arun Jaitly  said in a press conference that He will head a group who  will work out that how to settle down the big outstanding debt of Air India, which is almost 52000 crore. That group will workout, how to get relief from this burden by selling stakes of the  company and deciding the criteria of the bidders etc.

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