Paytm Payments Bank now offers physical debit card; here’s how to request for one

Paytm on Friday announced the launch of physical debit cards for its Payments Bank account holders.

This service is currently available only for Paytm users on iOS devices. Paytm says that it will be launched for Android users soon.

Paytm’s debit card can be used for shopping, and also to withdraw cash at ATMs

If you wish to request for a physical debit card, you will first need to create a Paytm Payments Bank account. You can create one with your Paytm login ID and password. On opening a Paytm Payments Bank account, a nominal fee will be charged.

To avail standard banking services on Paytm Payments Bank, you will need to verify your eKYC details. There is no minimum balance limit on this account. However, there is a maximum balance limit of 1 lakh. After opening your Paytm bank account, you will be provided a digital RuPay debit card for online transactions.

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