One more Mumbai youth killed, who ran away and joined ISIS

MUMBAI: Fahad Shaikh, a 24-yearold Kalyan resident who fled from home with three of his friends to join the Islamic State in 2014, has been reported killed.

Fahad’s father Tanveer Shaikh told HT on Wednesday that a phone call from an unknown number alerted him to his death on Tuesday afternoon.

“Your son is no more,” the caller told him in English, before switching to Hindi. He then went on to say that Fahad had been killed in Syria, and the last rites would be performed soon. “Unable to take it anymore, I handed the phone to my wife,” said Tanveer. The person, who did not reveal his identity, was using a masked Voice over Internet Protocol number to make the call.

The information has been shared with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, which have been keeping track of the youngsters ever since they went missing in 2014. “We also shared our telephone number with the NIA, so they can inform us after obtaining confirmation from Indian officials in Syria or Iraq,” the victim’s father said, adding that Fahad’s last rites (Namaaz-e-Zanaaja) will be conducted only after that. Thane police commissioner Param Bir Singh told HT that Tanveer’s statement was recorded at the Bazaarpeth police station, where a missing complaint was lodged after Fahad’s disappearance. “We have already intimated the NIA and the ATS in this regard,” he said.

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