Now you can buy mobile phones in less than 500 rupees

The Indian mobile market has seen a boom in extremely affordable feature phones category, thanks to Reliance Jio JioPhone. One can buy a feature phone for as low as Rs 249 these days. Of course, the devices don’t come with 4G-capabilities, but can handle the basic need of calling. So if you’re looking for a cheap feature phone as a back-up device for your secondary SIM card, there are a few options to consider like Viva V1, iKall K71, and more. Let us take a look at three feature phones that cost less than Rs 500:

iKall K71 : 

iKall K71 has been exclusively launched on ShopClues and it costs Rs 249. This is a single-SIM device that packs a 800 mAh battery, claimed to offer a talktime of four hours and standby time of 24 hours. iKall K71 features a 1.4-inch monochrome display and ships with FM radio and torch. It supports vibration mode as well. iKall K71 is said to be BIS-ceritifed. The iKall K71 can be bought in neon colour options like Red, Yellow, Blue and Dark Blue. The company is also giving one-year warranty on the phone.

Viva V1
Viva V1 comes at Rs 349, and it is exclusive to Shopclues in India. The 2G feature phone gets a 1.44-inch monochrome display and a keypad. Other features include vibrator, FM Radio, torchlight, and a 650mAh battery. It comes pre-loaded with Snake game that we saw on the Nokia 3310. Viva V1 is a single-SIM device that supports SMS, phonebook, calculator, calendar, and more. Viva V1 is Made in India, and is available in Blue and Orange colour variants. The device also comes with one-year manufacturer warranty by Viva.

Peace P3310
Though Peace P3310 costs Rs 499, it can currently be bought at a discounted price of Rs 349 from Shopclues. The phone sports a bar design, and 1.44-inch display. Available in orange colour option, the 2G feature phone can be bough in a single SIM variant. Peace P3310 is backed by a 850mAh battery. Other features include FM Radio, and LED torch. Peace P3310 gets one-year manufacturer warranty as well.

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