Now, playing national anthem in Maharashtra cinema halls not mandatory

Playing the national anthem in cinema halls before screening films is not mandatory in Maharashtra now.

Following the Supreme Court’s order last month, the state home department has directed all district administrations and police commissioners to implement the order and submit a report in stipulated time. Maharashtra was among the first few states to make the national anthem mandatory in cinema halls in 2003.

The state home department issued the order, dated February 1, directing local administrations to comply with the SC orders. In turn, the police commissioners and collectors, through their ‘theatre branches’ are expected to convey this to owners. “Honourable SC has modified its earlier order on January 9, saying that the playing the national anthem in theatres before screening of the movies is not mandatory, but optional and directory. You are directed to ensure that the court orders are implemented in letter and spirit. You are also directed to submit the compliance report in due time,” the order reads.

The order came after the Centre requested SC to modify its November 2016 order since it had constituted a 12-member inter-ministerial committee to look into all aspects related to singing and screening of the national anthem.

The Multiplex Association of India has welcomed the step.

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Source: Hindustan Times


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