No information on missing Indians : Iraq Foreign Minister

NEWDELHI: On Monday, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al- Jaafari said that the Iraqi government has “no substantial information” on  39 Indians taken hostage by the Islamic State terror group in Mosul in 2014.

“We have no substantial evidence that they (the Indians) were killed or they are still alive, so we cannot give anything in that regard,” al-Jaafari, who is on official visit to India, told reporters here.

Al-Jaafari acknowledged that he had discussed the issue of the kidnapped Indians with his Indian Sushma Swaraj and pledged the Iraq government will continue its efforts to trace those people, all construction workers, who were kidnapped by militants three years ago.

He described as “inaccurate” the Indian government’s statement that the Indians were possibly being held in Badush prison, located a short distance from the former Islamic State stronghold of Mosul. “We will continue to follow-up on this subject as if they were alive, this is what we must believe,” he said, adding that the IS is known to circulate information that is “untrue”.

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