Medicinal Discoveries/Inventions – who invented what ?

Vitamin F.G. Hopkins, Cosimir Funk
Vitamin-A Mc. Collum
Vitamin- B Mc. Collum
Vitamin-C Holst
Vitamin- D Mc. Collum
Sulpha drugs Dagmanck
Streptomycin Selman WAksmann
Heart Transplantation Christian Bernard
Homoeopathy Hahnemann
Malaria parasite and treatment Ronald Ross
Diarrhoea and treatment of plague Kitajato
Sex hormone Stenach
Open heart surgery Waltallilehak
Contraceptive pills Pincus
First test tube baby Edwards snd Stepto
Electrocardiograph Iwanyaan
Antigen Karl Landsteiner
RNA James Watson and Arther  Arg
DNA James watson and Crick
Insulin Banting
Chloroform Harrison and Sympson
Vaccine of chicken pox Edward Jenner
T.B. Bacteria Robert Koch

Diabetes Banting
Penicillin Alexander Flemming
Polio Vaccine Johan E. Dalk
BCG Guerin Calmatte
Bacteria Luwenhook-Leeuwenhock
Molecular Biology J.D. Watson
Microbiology Louis Pasteur
Evolution Charles Darwin
Blood Transfer Karl Landsteiner

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