Flood risk is on Punjab, as Beas and Sutlej River’s water level rise

TARNTARAN:  In the Mand area of the district, 10,000 acre crop has been submerged with the rise in the water level of the Beas and Sutlej rivers.

With heavy rain predicted in the coming days, high flood risk looms large over another 20,000 acres of agricultural land and houses in 62 villages in the area.

The Sutlej and Beas rivers supply water to tributaries spanning over 86 km in Tarn Taran. There is around 30,000 acre farmland along the banks of these rivers in Mand from Goindwal Sahib in Khadoor Sahib sub-division to Kot Budha in Patti sub-division.

After rise in the water level of two rivers, though the administration has geared up its efforts to save the farmland from flood water by erecting temporary walls to stop water on the critical points of the rivers.

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