Five major modifications needed in Padmavati including name of the movie- Censor board

The censor board on Saturday said it would clear controversial Bollywood film Padmavati after suggesting five major modifications, including changing the title to Padmavat, but the move failed to pacify Rajput groups that allege the movie distorts history.

A fringe group warned of vandalising cinema halls if the ~150crore movie was released and Vishvaraj Singh, a descendent of the royal family of Mewar, called the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) “ignoble and unprofessional”.

The CBFC agreed to clear Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati with a U/A certificate and asked the filmmakers to put in a disclaimer that the movie does not claim historical accuracy and does not in any way subscribe to or seek to glorify Jauhar — the banned practice of a widow throwing herself on to her husband’s funeral pyre.

The suggestions also included changing any incorrect and misleading reference to historical places, and modifications to a song in the film in which a Ghoomar dance is performed.

The censor board’s certificate will be issued once these changes are made and the movie re-examined.

suggested changes are : 

  1. Name change to Padmavat
  2. Disclaimer that the movie does not claim historical accuracy
  3. Disclaimer on not glorifying the practice of jauhar
  4. Change incorrect/misleading reference to historical places
  5. Ghoomer song to be modified

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