Delhi drivers with no accidents for 1 year claim huge reward

India: Why Did No One Tell Modern Car Owners This New Policy?

Two shocking reports show that insured drivers have significantly overpaid. This is the trick your motor insurer does not want you to know.

According to two comparison services, you could save up to 60% or 70% by finding the right insurer. Thousands have trusted this simple process to get extreme insurance discounts.

We’ve found several discounts that may very well help you find a winning insurance company. There are a few insurers that will give a discount for no recent traffic tickets for rash driving. Secondly, having no car accidents in the last one to five years shows to an insurer that you’re skilled at avoiding accidents and your care while driving. The third savings is if you’re over 25 years old because insurers are looking for experienced drivers.

Next, to max out your savings, this brings us to vehicle discounts.

If your car has anti-lock brakes, a factory-installed alarm, or air bags – you qualify for a discount. If you qualify for 2 or 3 of these discounts, the savings may be extremely high. If an insurance company believes your car is LESS likely to be in an accident, they’ll give you big a discount because you have anti-lock brakes. It’s the same thing if you have a car alarm or theft-deterrent features because they’re now less likely to have to replace your vehicle.

If you live in a qualified postal code or neighborhood without a lot of thefts, you can save even more. Has your agent told you these discounts?

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