CBSE school Students get more time to rectify errors in marksheet

NEW DELHI:  Students in CBSE schools will now be able to rectify errors in their names, their parent’s names and date of birth on their marksheets within five years of the results, a move which will help over 18,000 students. So far, they had only one year to seek corrections. “The new rule will be applicable to all cases pertaining to Class 10 and 12 after 2015, when the board fixed a one-year limit,” the CBSE said. The rule will also apply to old cases with the CBSE and in courts.


Before 2015 notification, there was no time limit for the students to seek fresh certificates with corrected names and other details.

Change in name, surname and other details of the students were allowed on the basis of an affidavit and a  copy of a newspaper advertisement by the applicants.

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