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Vocabulary- Alphabet V- Learn with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English

Vague                              a- spasht                                         Not clearly expressed

Valediction                     Vidai Bhashan                               Speech in which one says                                                                                                      goodbye

Validate                             Pramanit karna                           Confirm/Ratify

Vandalism                 Sampatti nasht karne ki kirya           Crime of damaging                                                                                                                  property Continue reading

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Vocabulary- Alphabet B- Learn with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English

Beget                                 Paida Karna                                   To Produce

Benevolence                    Daya                                                 Kindness

Betray                               Dhokha dena                                 To be disloyal/to deceive Continue reading

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Vocabulary-Alphabet B – Learn with Us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English 

Babble                              badbadana                                      Talk in a way which is                                                                                                             difficult to understand

Bacchanalian                   shrabi                                              Drunken

Backbite                           chugli karna                                     To speak something at                                                                                                           the back of someone Continue reading

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Increase your Vocabulary with us

Word                            Meaning in Hindi                   Meaning in English 

Abase                             neecha dikhana                                       Degrade

Abash                               lajjit karna                                            To embarrass

Abattoir                           Buchad khana                                      Place where animals                                                                                                               are killed Continue reading

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Man Booker Price 2017 goes to George Saunders

LONDON: American author George Saunders won the 2017 Man Booker prize on Tuesday for his novel Lincoln in the Bardo, a fictional account of former US President Continue reading

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Parliaments of Different Countries

COUNTRY                                    PARLIAMENT 

India                                                   Sansad(Lok sabha and Rajya sabha)

Pakistan                                              National Assembly

Germany                                             Bundstag(Lower House) and Bundesrat(Upper

house) Continue reading

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Awards and Honours

PRICE                                                   FIELD

Nobel Prize                                            Peace, Literature, Medicine, Physics,                                                                                 Chemistry(from 1901) and Economics (from                                                                   1969)

Pulitzer Prize                                         Journalism (1917)

Academy(Oscar) Awards                     Film (1929) Continue reading

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Full list of revised cabinet Ministers

Here are the revised portfolios of the ministers:


1.Rajnath Singh: Minister of Home Affairs.

2.Sushma Swaraj: Minister of External Affairs.

3.Arun Jaitley: Minister of Finance; Minister of Corporate Affairs.


Continue reading

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All about “Right to Privacy” in India

Right to Privacy:

Right to privacy is one such right which has come to its existence after widening up the dimensions of Article 21. The constitution in specific doesn’t grant any right to privacy as such. However, such a right has been culled by the Supreme Court from Art. 21 and several other provisions of the constitution read with the Directive Principles of State Policy.

Article 21 of the Constitution of India states that “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law”. Continue reading

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