CAT: 2 women make it to 100-percentile club

NEWDELHI/LUCKNOW: Two women were among 20 candidates who notched 100 percentile scores in the common admission test (CAT), results declared on Monday showed, suggesting that efforts to fix a gender imbalance in the country’s top B-schools may be paying off.

The CAT, treated as a benchmark for admissions into the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and several top colleges, is dominated by candidates who are male and have a background in engineering. Officials in the IIMs, which conduct the exam, have been gradually making it better suited to a wider demographic.

In the last five years, the 100 percentile club has seen at most one woman, once in 2014 and once

the following year.

In theory, some in the 100th percentile (or with a 100 percentile score) would have to score more than 100% of the people who appeared in the exam, which isn’t possible.

In practice, the IIMs (or specifically, the IIM conducting CAT) rounds off the score, which means anyone in the 99.9th percentile is considered to be in the 100th one.

This year also saw three people without an engineering background in the top 20, the highest in at least three years.

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