Asia, Africa, Russia, America — all in the family

How hard could it be to convince someone of your name? Very, if you go by the experience of this private bank employee, who often has to pull out his Aadhaar card to prove that he is not joking.

“It has not been easy convincing people,” he says but the Delhi resident also understands why people don’t get it in one go. After all, Asia Kumar is no ordinary name.

“Asia yes, it’s spelled exactly ASIA. That is actually my name,” he smiles.

But that’s not all: Asia has five brothers, each of whom has a unique name like his. Russia and Prithvi live in Delhi, Africa in Mumbai, Japan in Chandigarh and Bharat in their native village in Balangir, Odisha. The seventh, America, is no more.

The unusual names, which stem from their father’s unfulfilled desire to travel the world, often lead to comical situation for the brothers. “There was a call at my bank’s phone and I was informed that someone from Africa had called. I told him it must be my brother,” says Asia.

Africa, for his part, has several tales to tell. “There are times when I say this is Africa here, and the person on the other side retorts, ‘Ok, then I am America,” says Africa, 43, who works as a lightman in Bollywood.

Now at home with their names, the brothers want to fulfil their father’s wish to travel the world. There is just one problem. “How will people in Japan take it when I tell them that I am Japan from India?” quips Japan, who works in the Air Force.

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source: HT

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