Apple raises iPhone prices in India after hike in custom duty

Prices of top iPhone models have gone up by an average of 3.5%, except for iPhone SE which Apple Inc. assembles in India, after the Centre raised import duty on mobile phones by five percentage points on Friday.

When contacted, the company confirmed the change in prices, which are reflected on its website as well.

While the starting price of an iPhone 6 is up by ₹1,280 to ₹30,780, the most expensive iPhone X is dearer by ₹3,720 and will cost over ₹1.05 lakh. The cheapest iPhone 8 will now cost ₹66,120 instead of ₹64,000.

In an attempt to boost local manufacturing and employment, the government on Friday raised customs duty on various electronic products including mobile phones, microwave ovens and cameras. For handsets, customs duty was raised from 10% to 15%.

This, the government hopes, will give local manufacturers a cost advantage over imports, besides raising customs duty collections. “After the customs duty increase, we could also see a rise in prices of feature phones in the market as their imports had gone up considerably recently,” an industry executive said on condition of anonymity.

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source: Hindustan Times

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