All about Citizenship of INDIA


*   The Constitution of India provides for a single and uniform citizenship for whole of India.

*  The Citizenship act, 1955, provides for the acquisition of Indian citizenship in the following ways:

  • Generally every person born in India on or after January, 1950, shall be a citizen of India if either of his parents was a citizen of India at the time of his birth. 
  • A person who was outside India on or after 26 January, 1950, shall be a citizen of India by descent(the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality), if his father was a citizen of India at the time of that person’s birth.
  • A person can apply for and get registered as a citizen of India by the competent authority if he satisfies the conditions laid down.
  • A person residing in India for more than 7 years and having adequate knowledge of a constitutionally recognised Indian language can seek citizenship by naturalisation , provided he is not a citizen of country where Indian citizens are prevented from becoming citizens by naturalisation.
  • If any new territory becomes a part of India, the persons of the territory become citizens of India .

*  Citizenship of India may be lost by: 

  • Renunciation(the formal rejection) of Citizenship .
  • Termination of citizenship, if a citizen of India voluntarily aquires the citizenship of another country.
  • Deprivation of citizenship by the Government of India.

*  Only citizens are eligible for offices of the President, Vice President, Judge of the supreme court or high court, Attorney General, Governor of a state, Member of a legislature etc.

*  Only citizens have the right to vote.

That is all about citizenship of India .

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